1-16th June 2013

The weather has been a key factor again so far this month, with the unseasonal cold North Easterly winds putting pay to the Carps early attempts to spawn, as a consequence the fishing has been slower than last month. However there has still been 15 thirty pound fish banked with a good proportion of these middle thirties.With warmer weather forcast lets hope the fish will spawn shortly.

Mirrors 37.04,36.04,35.04,35.00,34.13,33,12,32.06,31.10,30.10,30.04,30.03,27.00,26.09,26.08,26.03,26.02,25.10,25.07,25.06,24.12,24.08,24.06,24.04,24.00,22.12,22.05,22.05,22.00,21.08,21.00,20.08,17.08,17.00,14.00,13.08,13.06.

Commons 35.00,34.14,34.08,30.08,27.12,26.00,25.12,25.06,25.04,25.03,25.00,24.15,24.12,24.10,24.08,23.0022.06,22.00,21.12,21.05,20.12,20.02,20.00,19.09,19.0018.12