Another 40lb plus fish 41 carp over 30lb!

Liam Mcgoldrick  has had a stunning start with a  40.11Mirror, 31.1linear,25lb mirror and 4 commons weighing up to 31lb .

Reg Rolfe caught 2 commons 21.8lb, 15lb.

Mark Lawrence had a 20lbcommon and a 27lb mirror.

Chris Conway  caught grass carp 30lb ,16.13lb , Commons 19lb ,19.14lb and two mirrors weighing in at 23.10lb,33.1lb.

Andy James 20.2lb,21.12lb com and Mirrors of, 19.12lb,22.5lb,26.14lb,29.8lb 32.8lb.

James Pierce had commons 17.2lb 18lb,19lb,25lb,and anotherbig mirror 33.2lb.

Stephen Horsfall caught a Mirror weighing 21.7lb.