Hello all, sorry there hasn’t been any updates, i’ve had a few problems accessing the website.

The last 3 weeks has seen plenty of fish out, from all areas of the lake, with shooters doing a fair haul of fish in the past few days for those anglers that have got to the lake.

30 x Doubles – Up to: 19.8

49 x Twenties – Up to: 29.6

23 x Thirties – Up to: 34.8

Chris Conway had ‘The Pretty One’ Off the top at 32.8 Spawned out.

Reg Rolfe Had a trio of 30’s topped by a 34.08 that hasn’t been out.

Martin Weatherly  had a 34+ fish which was also a new fish.

The running total of different 30lb plus carp now stands at 67.