With the lake being shut for the british carp championships, the catch reports have been quite quiet. I’ve heard there are few guys down at the moment catching quite consistantly from the middle of the pond. The weathers been pretty tasty for it.

The fish that have fallen foul to the chilham anglers in the past few days stand as this,

20.00 Mirror, 23.14 Mirror, 31.14 Mirror, 21.8 Mirror, 27.10 Mirror, 29.4 Mirror, 28.00 Grassy, 33.3 Mirror, 20.9 Fully, 16.12 Common, 18.14 Common, 23.10 Mirror, 24.5 Common, 24.08 Grassy, 29.10 Mirror, 27.8 Linear, 19.00 Mirror, 22.00 Common, 25.00 common + 6 doubles.

Please remember to send all catch reports with weights to James-pierce@live.co.uk As well as Vince.