17th June 4th July.

The stop start weather,protracted the length of the spawning season, but Im pleased to say most of the fish  have managed to spawn. The highlight of the Month must be Jez Thorpe’s capture of “The Pretty One” at a new record weight of 40.04. Most of  our bigger fish were not caught in recent weeks and therefore have not come out at record weights. In some ways I am happy that these fish have not been captured whilst full of spawn, in such a tricky weather pattern.However there have been another 18 thirties caught including a completely spawned out Chilly’s at 39.00lb caught by Matt Webb, who informs me of the cracking condition of the fish.”Keefs” came out at 38.02 caught by Keiron Bell and Simon Mason had a brace of big commons of 36.06,35.06 we are trying to establish what common the bigger one is.

Mirrors 40.04,39.00,38.02,36.10,35.06,34.08,34.00,32.10,31.14,31.10,31.05,30.00.

41, Twenties, 14 Doubles.

Commons 36.06,35.06,34.15,34.08,34.08,30.09.

44,Twenties,20 Doubles