18th/1st July

The fish have still  been in a stop start spawning mode for the last two weeks.This has made the fishing rather patchy. Thank you all for not fishing near spawning fish.


Having said that eight thirties have been out, amongst these is a new thirty, a fish known as ‘Beauty’ fell to Simon Morrissey at 31.03. The grass carp have also been active. The catfish have been nesting so I am very much hoping that they will now start to make an appearance.

Mirrors 36,34.04,32.10,31.08,31.03,30.08,28.05,28.00,,28.00,26.14,25.12,23.11,23.06,22.08,

22.04,21.04,20.09,20.06,19.14, 18.07,18.05

Commons, 27.00,26.10,26.10,25.00,23.06,22.00,22.00,21.02,21.00,21.06,20.00,19.12,19.09,19.06,



Bream 14.00