18th May 31st May.

The Big fish just keep on coming 37, Thirties, all the fish are now putting on weight after such a cold winter and spring.The biggest Common weighed in at 36.02,  and many mid upper thirty Mirrors.For example ‘The Starburst’ is back above 35.00.In total 166  Carp graced the banks.We also had our first Cat of the season.

Mirrors. 37.10,37.04,36.12,36.00,35.10,35.06,35.04,35.00,34.12,34.10,34.06,34.04,34.01,34.00,33.08,32.02,32.13,32.01,32.00,32.00,31.14,31.12,31.08,31.04,30.01. Thirty Six 20 plus,Fourteen Teenies.

Commons 36.02,34.14,34.00, 34.00,33.10,32.02,32.00,31.08,30.00.Fourty Two 20 plus ,Thirty one Teenies.


Cat 20lb.