Further update

28th March 29lb common , 20lb catfish

26th March. 21.08common, 19.04lb mirror

25th March  21.02 common 23.04 Grass carp, 27lb common.

20th March small low double common, 24.10lb grass carp, beautiful linear 27.10lb.

12th March 1 carp 23.08 common

6th March 4 more carp to 24.04lb fell to the only 2 anglers fishing.

3rd March another thirty graces the bank 31.08lb mirror.

Two more cracking fish landed yesterday  27th feb 36.08lb m and 25.04lb mirror

20/25th Feb

One angler managed a large haul of tench! and a high double carp.

Two other anglers landed 7 carp weights are as follows: 15lb c 24.12lb c 25lb c 26c 20lb m 21lb m , 20.4lb m.