Six ┬ámore 30’s

Rob Conway  commons 12.10lb, 15.8lb,20.10lb,20.12lb,29.8lb and mirrors 21lb,34lb and 39.2lb.

Andy Mclaren a common 19lb mirrors of 21lb,21.1lb and 25lb.

Alan Jackson mirrors 18.4lbcommon and a 27.1lb Mirror

Dan Eke mirrors 25.6lb,23.1olb,21.5lb,25.8,21.12lb,28.10lb,21.8lb,21.4lb,20.3lb,25.8lb

Matt Webb .9lb, 16lb Linear, 19lbMirror, 14lb,19lb Common, 20lb Mirror, 24.8lb Common, 25Lb,2x 22lb Common, 22.2lb common,22.8lb common,22.12lb common,25.4lb Leather, 25.8lb Mirror, 29lb Mirror, 30lb,34lb,34.8lb(record)Grass carp 30.4lb Mirror.,

Stuart Wilson commons 18lb,26lb,24lb,10lb,14lb,19lb mirrors24lb 26lb,21.12lb and a grass weighing 21lb.

Tuffy Abdelhadi 20lb common

Stephen Horsfall commons 25.14lb 21.8lb.

Martin Weatherly common 23.3lb mirror21.9lb

Mike Rudkin commons 29lb, 13lb.

Chris Conway 17.3lb 18.4lbcommons and a grass 26lb.

See earlier reports for the story so far.

Kenny Johnson 12lb common.