21st May -27th May.

Another good week at the lake despite there being only a few people angling in the week. The fish have just started to spawn, under no circumstances cast to these fish.

We have had a record Common Carp out this week at 36.08 The ‘Scar Common’ fell to Carl Brackhahn. The fish are still coming out much heavier than last year,there are plenty of examples of fish that are 5/6lb heavier. There was another 9 thirty plus fish caught this week the top weight  37.02.

Good luck on the bank.

Mirrors  37.02,32.00,32.12,35.08,31.05,32.00,21.10,15.00,20.04,25.08,29.00,29.05,21.04,17.02,27.08Linear,28.04,linear,

23.12fully scaled,26.10 Leather,

Commons, 36.06,31.00,30.12,15.00, 20.00, 18.00,20.00,22.00,28.01,27.04,24.06,13.00,15.00,18.00,21.08,19.08,18.00,22.00

Catfish 10lb