May 1st/7th
Chilham has a new record weight Carp, Chilly’s was caught at a new record weight by Gary Reynolds, at an impressive 48.00lb. 

The beginning of the week saw only a few anglers taking advantage of the low pressure and the warmer temperature, the weather turned un seasonably cold, and as a result the fishing became harder, however another thirteen thirty pound plus carp graced the banks including Chilly’s at a new record weight of 48.00lb and the “Big Plated ” at a record weight of 39.04lb. other highlights included three fish over thirty five pounds and another 50lb catfish. There have been 42 carp over thirty pounds out since the end of March, six of which are new to the thirty pound gallery, some big fish are missing from the gallery pages as the photography hasn’t been good enough to include them. see full report below.


48.00m,39.04m,36.02m,27.03m,21.00m,33.00m,34.09m,33.14m,27.11m,32.1leather,24.02m,22.00m,35.05m,26.12m,25.8m.23.02linear. 36.06m,27.02m,23.05m,30.04,m,33,m,34.04m.

49.11 Catfish falls to Keiron Bell.