11th/17th June

We had some special guests this week, Adam Penning and Scott Maslen kicked off a new series of”Thinking Tackle” from “The Mill’. Im pleased to report they caught four fish to 34lb. The new series will be broadcast on Sky sports some time in September.

In total there were five thirties caught, with one member Haydon Bishop catching four fish on an overnight session including a 38.00 ,34.08 and another 2ounces short of thirty pounds.

Mirrors 38.00,34.00,31.02,30.08,29.12,28.10,25.02,24.04,24.00,23.05,21.14,20.12,20.00,19.04,18.08,16.00.




29.06,29.02,28.06 and 28.00.