25th July 8th August

Some mixed results, the fish have been tricky of late due to the abundance of natural food at this time of year.

The reports are becoming difficult to compile as many members are not bothering to inform me of their results, I urge all of you to just send a text after each visit even if it is a blank.

Ten thirties have been caught to 36lb.

Mirrors. 34.02,33.04,31.10,31.06,30.08,28.10,28.05,27.00,26.12,26.08,25.00,25.00,24.12,24.02,24.0124.00,24.00,23.14,23.15,23.08,22.03,22.00,22.00,21.02,20.00,19.75,19.12,19.04,19.00,18.12,18.11,17.00.

Commons 32.15,31.12,25,12,27.10,25.00,24.00,24.05,24.00,23.00,22.08,22.00,22.00,21.08,21.02,21.08,21.03,21.00,21.00,20.10,20.08,20.07,19.10,19.08,19.02,18.15,18.04,18.0217.06,16.05,15.08,15.07,15.00,15.00,14.05,13.00,12.00.


Catfish 32lb.