26th July 21st August.

The weather has remained warm, but I’m pleased to report the fishing has remained constant despite the lake being lightly fished.

There has been 23 different thirty pound carp caught since the last post, the highlight must be the Big Common coming off the top at 35.00, congratulation to Stuart Roberts , this fish has not been seen since Damien Clarke caught it for “Thinking Tackle” in 2009, although this fish has been known to weigh up to 38.00, it was not at a time when the fish would be at peak weight. Also the Grey Plated was landed a fish we were worried about, it was reported to be in fine health.

Mirrors  37.01,36.06,35.10,34.00,32.14,32.06,32.04,32.00,31.15,31.12,31.12,31.12,31.10,32.02,30.10,30.08,30.02,30.0,30.00.Thirty three 20’s, Eighteen doubles.

Commons 35.00,33.00,32.06,30.00,Forty one, 20’s,Twelve doubles.