From the time of the last update it may seem to you as if the fishing has slowed down, but that isn’t the case, no more than 9 or 10 guys have reported catches and as Vince has pointed out there hasn’t been the numbers fishing that there were a month ago. Even still the guys that have been catching have been doing well, and the stock of 30+ fish increases as new ones pop up in the email catch reports every week. Good luck everyone. See you out there soon.

12.00 Common, 22.04 Mirror, 27.00 Mirror, 27.12 Common, 31.12 common, 22.03 Common, 23.00 Common, 30.04 Mirror, 20.00 Common, 16.00 Common, 23.00 common, 23.02 Common, 31.08 common, 30.08 Mirror, 35.00 Mirror, 26.00 Mirror,29lb Mirror,  21.04 Mirror, 25.10 Common, 16.00 Common, 19.00 Mirror, 22.00 Mirror, 47.00 Catfish, 36.6 Catfish, 27.00 Common, 28.06 Common.