30th April, 6th may,59 Thirty plus fish caught in just over a Month.

Another good week at the mill, many mutilpe catches, and another 20 thirty plus fish,still no signs of the cat fish. ‘Fully Full Fat’ has made its first appearance this year at another record weight this fish just doesn’t stop growing 34.10, 2 years ago she was just over 20lb.  The ‘Pretty one’ has also been out 35.12. The breakdown is as follows 20thirties,55 twenties, 35teenies.

Mirrors 35.12,35.02,35.00,34.10,,34.04,34.02,33.08,32.00,32.00,32.14,31.04,31.02, 31.00,31.00,30.08 . Plus 32 Twenties, 22Teenies

Commons 34.10,32.04 Plus 21 Twenties, 12 Teenies