April 1-30th

The season has kicked off with a bang  A New FORTY Single Line 41.06, Chilly’s at 45.02

A new record Common at 37.14(not the scar common the previous biggest)  27 thirties caught since the beginning of the month at least 7 fish at record weights Brucy’s 39.02lb(not a record) Single scale at a record 37.00lb, the Fat linear at a record 36.12, The Starburst mirror at a record 36.04, Chunky at a record 35.08, Shoulders at 34.00 others 37.05, 37.04,36.02, 35.15, 35.02, 34.06,34.00,34.00,33.12,33.00,30.04,30.02 and commons,nine, low thirties there has been 108 twenties landed including 4/5 scales at a record 29.12. four other fish just below thirty, and 14 doubles.