Seven Different Forties so far !!

The lake has produced some big weights already since the reopening at the beginning of April , ‘Chilly’ was landed at a record 49.00, “Single line” made an appearance at a record 43.02, ” The Starbusrt 41.04 and the “The Big Plated” 41.00, finally both over forty pounds  “Single scale ‘ 40.09, “The pretty One” 40.06 “Fat Lin ” 40.00 and 40.02

A fish now dubbed “aloof” was caught at 39.02 last record of this fish it weighed 33.00lb!  “Keeffs” was landed at a record 39.12, “The Starburst 39.12 as well as 41.04,” “The golden common” 39.12  “Shoulders” weighed in at 38.00 along with the “Marshall” 38.12 , “The Scar common” 37.0s plus “Ringo” at  38.00lb  and ‘Tuffy” 38.00 “,there has been plenty of 35lb plus captures including  “The Stunner” at 35.04.”Beauty” 35.12 and 36.04 .In addition many other carp have been landed lots of these over thirty and breaking previous weight records “Zipadeee” at 31.12, “Tiger” making thirty for the first time 30.04.

I’m pleased to hear  that the stocky’s from two years ago are doing well and many are now over twenty pounds.