Michael Gibson fished two nights and after blanking the first night he moved and then managed to catch commons of 10lb  27lb and  Mirrors of 16lb , 26.3lb,27lb and a 32.2lb

Matt Webb has had a brace of 30’s 30lb mirror and a 33lb common, he  also mananged to pick up a catfish of 20lb and a smaller common weighing 15lb.

Mike Rudkin caught 2 mirror carp weighing 25.8lb and 25.7lb, Mike lost a bigger fish near the bank.

Pat Isaacs has had another great session. commons of 17.5lb,19.3lb,20.9lb,22.10 and mirrors17.10lb, 17.11lb 19.10lb,21lb, 22.10lb and a 30.2lb.Grass carp 23.15lb and 29.2.

Chris Conway has  also continued his catching spree with a 45.12lb catfish, grass carp weighing 28.2lb and 30.7lb. Mirror carp 28.2lb,20.8lb and 15lb

James pierce popped over for an evening session and managed a 32.8lb Mirror

30 carp over 30lb since the 3rd April.