8th May 20th May

Sorry for the late post, I took  a ‘busmans holiday’ and have been fishing in France.

The Fishing at Chilham  has been great in my absence , a total of  27 thirty plus fish. 20 of these were over 35lb. only one catfish to report, please keep trying to catch these for the holding nets. I have enclosed a summary below of the catches.

20 thirty five plus mirrors top weight 38.04lb, 3 mirrors between 30-35lb ,13 mirrors between 25-30lb, 7 mirrors between 20-25lb, 5, mirrors between 15-20lb, , 3 commons between 30-35lb, 13, commons between 25-30lb,21 commons 20-25lb,11 commons between 15-20lb. . 1 catfish 32lb.