1-19th April Spring has Sprung!

Chilham comes to life at the first sign of spring.

Fish have come from all over the lake , 1 forty, 12 thirties, 26 twenties and 23 teenies .Chilly’s , Brucy’s, ‘the big Plated’ , ┬áhave all been among the captures, although none of these are at their top weights yet. However some other fish have managed to put on weight over this protracted winter. Since our November stocking of VS Fishery carp we have stocked a further select amount of beautiful scaley carp ranging from 10lb to 20lb. these fish are as good as anything I have seen.

Mirrors 44.12,35.06,35.02,35.02,34.08,34.06,33.14,33.07,33.02,31.01,31.00,31.00,,27.14,27.04,27.oo,26.10,25.05,24.10,24.10,23.08,23.02,,21.08,20.06,20.00,19.15,15.00,14.00,13.06,13.08,12.00,12.00,11.00,10.00,10..00,

Commons. 29.02,29.00,27.04,25.12,25.04,23.12,22.08,22.03,22.00,22.00,21.06,19.05,19.02,19.00,18.04,17.00,15.08,15.00,14.00,12.00,12.00,

Its warming up!!!!