Carp Syndicate

Chilham Mill lake renowned among carp anglers for its stunning setting and large stock of specimen English Carp with at least Eleven fish now over 40lbs with a further 100 plus fish above 30lbs followed closely by 300 over 20lbs, the lake also holds many specimen Bream ,Tench and Pike to 34lbs, the fish are still showing great growth rates and are catchable all year round, multiple catches being achieved including many thirties and some forty pound fish. We have continued to add genuine English carp to the lake that are real gems.
On a more personal note as the new owner of the Chilham Mill Estate,, in 2011 ,I have been truly stunned by the amount and quality of the fish caught during my tenure. Contrary to some reports I am a keen angler and as such I am determined to make sure that Chilham Mill remains the top water it is today. Vince Leader
Please see catch reports for the latest on the lake.

How to join

It is our intention to form a friendly Syndicate of competent anglers eager to enjoy and allow others to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to fish this outstanding lake. If you would like to apply to join please click here.