No Refunds will be made for periods of lockdown caused by the government imposed restrictions due to Covid 19.

1. All anglers must book via email or text message before they enter the site.There is a book and peg system in operation once arriving at the lake. You must book in and indicate which swim you are fishing and the duration of your stay. Take the tag from the board and place it in the tray. On departure place the tag back on the board. A Maximum stay of 72hrs unless agreed with Vince(07748767882) or Shaun(07540764386)in advance of your stay. There is a strict 8 day calendar month limit on the lake,and a maximum annual day limit of 60 days per year this includes overnight stays even if they are not 24hrs all stays are rounded up, so for example a 58 hour session will be 72 hrs. There is a a two weekend(Friday/Saturday)per calendar month limit.

2. Members must carry their membership cards at all times. Remember you will need the appropriate Environment Agency licenses.

3. There will be no sacking or retention of fish unless specifically authorised by the management. Do not bring any sacks onto the fishery.

4. Rigs may be inspected by a bailiff, please respect the bailiffs at all times.

5. Please ensure that all litter is removed from your swim before you leave. If you find litter on your arrival please advise Shaun.

6. No vehicle should leave or enter the site after 10pm, should it be necessary in an emergency please contact Vince or Shaun to inform of your movements. No vehicle should enter or leave the site before 6am. Only members cars are allowed onto the lake. If any member wishes to bring a non member on site then permission needs to be given from Vince or Shaun.

7. Antiseptic solution should be carried for hook holds.

8. No braided mainline or low diameter braid hook-links,15lb minimum b/s. Minimum b/s main line 15lb.

9. Barbless  hooks only. No bent hooks or curved hooks. some people are confusing bent and curved hooks, ALL HOOK SHANKS MUST BE STRAIGHT. NO spinner,360 rig or any other rig that incorporates a swivel on the eye end of a hook. Micro swivels for bait on the shank are permitted.

10. Cars must be returned to the car park after dropping off your tackle. All gates must be locked at all times.There is a strict 5MPH speed limit around the lake. I cannot emphasise enough how important this rule is and how strict it will be enforced. Anyone exceeding the speed limit will be banned. Cars are parked at owners own risk. Members over the age of 65 may leave their cars in some swims. Please ask for details

11. Bait – Only fresh boilies ,Carp/Trout pellets , Maggots and Casters NO Artificial Baits No Foam No Plastic.


12. The lake can be weedy – it is with this in mind that we will insist on a drop off lead system. .The only acceptable lead systems are lead clips that have been cut back and secure swivels (so that they cannot come out of the casing) or inline leads systems where the line runs around the outside of the lead. strictly no chod rigs or any other systems, I am not interested with pva rigs and rotten bottom rigs etc.If anyone is not sure please contact Vince(07748767882).If you fish with a rig that does not fit the criteria above you will be asked to return your ticket no refunds. If you do get weeded with a fish, please do not apply excessive pressure. Put your rods down and give the fish time it may swim clear.

13. Tubing must be used at all times(only Tubing),this not only helps anglers with its anti tangle qualities but also protects the scales of the fish. The use of shock leaders is strictly prohibited. Please do not keep calling asking if certain leaders are allowed.

14. A maximum of three rods to be permitted.

15. All  cradles unhooking mats, weigh slings and landing nets are provided. all fish captures over 30lb must be photographed and sent to when handling the fish please make sure you have plenty of water to keep the fish wet at all times , try to make the photographing as quick as possible.

16. Bait Boats are allowed. Please See separate section on bait boat rules.

17. Pike fishing is allowed. Please see separate rules.

18. Dogs are allowed, however only in the owners swim. They must be kept on a lead when walking around the lake Please clear any mess made by your dog.

19. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to use a rowing boat.

20. No Fires, loud music or swimming.

Please make sure any stove or cooker is only used at a safe distant from your bivvy, also please make sure that any spare gas canisters are not left in the vicinity of your bivvy, accidents can and do happen if you do not follow this instruction.

21. No fish to be removed or introduced to the fishery.Offenders will be prosecuted

22. Chilham Mill fisheries will not be liable for any loss or injury to any member or guest entering the estate.

23. Chilham Mill fisheries reserve the right to withdraw or suspend permits at their discretion and in the event all rights of the former permit holder shall cease and no refund of any monies will be paid.

24. All decisions made by management are final and not subject to appeal.

25.The management may close the lake with out prior notice.

26. Please be sensible about leaving your rods, if you intend to visit another part of the lake reel in first. If you are doubling up in one swim 2 rod maximum each.

27. No fire arms to be brought onto the site

28.Payment of fees will be seen as acceptance of these rules.

Pike Rules

1. Spinning for pike is permitted all year. Dead baits must only be used between October and March.

2. Barbless hooks only.

3. Minimum line 15lb.

4. Wire traces must be used. Minimum 20lb. Minimum length 18″.

5. Maximum 3 rods.

6. No gags, if you are not confident removing hooks from a pike please wear an appropriate protective glove.


8. PIke nets provided

Bait Boat Rules

1.Please do not try and use your boat beyond your swim, the general rule of thumb would be as far as you can place a marker float.

2. Do not put bait boats directly into a snag or around a corner of islands etc.

3. What we are asking for is common sense.