The carp once again are coming thick and fast. Pat isaacs is on the lake at the moment, and his first 24hrs included 7 carp and a new 30. Well done to him and i look forward to seeing his final tally. I also spotted Vince setting up and Matt webb has dropped down for an overnighter so hopefully they get amongst the better ones.

The crackers that have been out this week are listed below;

28.2 Mirror,  24.00 Common, 23.9 Mirror,  17.00 Mirror, 20.8 common, 21.00 common,  19.11 Linear, 24.11 Common, 28.00 Mirror, 32.6 common, 34.2 common, 26.02 mirror, 10. 8 common, 13.00 common, 14.8 common, 19.00 common, 23.00 mirror, 21.8 fully scaled, and 6 fish between 10 and 20lb’s that were not weighed.

Good Luck everyone.. James.