Just to give a summary of whats going on With the Gallery, and the fish that have been out since Membership began;

3 x 40 + Fish, all Mirrors, up to 46.5 This season.

57 x 30+ Fish between 30.00 and 39.4 – Definately a few of these in the making for new 40lbers, possibly 2 or 3 as of now.

Chris Conway had a 36.6 Mirror which to my knowledge has only been out once this year let alone the season.

Mike Burrows had a 35lb Mirror this weekend , which to my knowledge hadn’t been out since the first week of march, when I banked it at 28.10 – a weight gain of 6.06 lbs. He also had a 30.08 Mirror which hadn’t been out this season.

Pat Isaacs Banked the big plated grey early on in the year at 37.08 and that is its only capture this year, although it has been seen in the margins looking massive.

Stephen Horsfall Had 2 different 30+ fish in his last session, both of which hadn’t been caught this season.

I estimate there to be an extra twelve or more fish that should make it to 30+ plus by autumn, just by looking at the amount of different high 20’s in the gallery, all of which have been steadily growing over the last 3 years.

All of this just shows how special Chilham is. There is definately more fish swimming around that haven’t fallen foul to any traps yet, so make sure you get out there and catch em!

Keep posted tomorrow for an update on the latest catch reports of what’s been out.

And don’t forget to keep your pictures coming in.

James Pierce